Mission Statement

The goal of Click For Your Information is to provide quick facts about various subjects. Users can vote on the accuracy of the facts and discuss the authenticity of sources. Inaccurate facts can be amended to reflect the discussion.

All facts will have a permanent link that is a short URL; something like click.fyi/aGlkZQ.

Users versus Visitors. I certainly plan to incorporate users into the site. They will be able to submit and rate facts as well as challenge, discuss, and present sources for their comments on the fact. Users will gain reputation if they successfully submit a fact that's widely regarded as true, submit a change to a fact that increases it's accuracy, or flags facts as duplicates or not true. Users who have enough reputation will be able to modify and fix facts without administrator intervention. But this reputation feature will likely be many years down the road.

I also would like the site to be API friendly. Allowing users to download our facts, maybe allow users to upload images to create facts with links back to the fact. I've seen too many "fact" images with the reference as a site URL rather than the URL that cites the sources that go into that fact. Like I'm expected to browse the fact site to find this exact fact. What if the site doesn't even list a source, what then? Through an API a user can upload their own image and create a "image fact" with a link back to the page the fact originated from. This will allow others to find the correct page and follow the sources and create their own conclusion.

It's true that some fact sites list a source but that fact almost never has a dedicated page for curious readers to look for. I tried finding a specific fact on a few fact sites and couldn't find it, despite seeing it -- After reading the fact I searched for it but couldn't find it which is what I aim to solve while also providing a community for fact seekers to band together and socialize.

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