Privacy Policy

We use Google Analytics on ClickFYI. Google Analytics is software used by website owners to record non-personal identifying information about their visitors.

What Info Does Google Analytics Record?

How Do We Use This Information?

I use this information to understand my demographic. While I expect most of my traffic to be local, it's great to know where else my visitors come from. If I start getting hits in other parts of California I'll think about making a concentrated push to that region. I will also use this information to compile statistics about images and pages viewed.

Here's How to Opt Out

You can disable Google Analytics Tracking only on ClickFYI or you can block Google Analytics via a browser extension which will block Google Analytics on that browser.

What does "non-personal identifying information" mean?

All that means is that the information we collect is anonymous. We only see specifics about your device. As mentioned prior, this information is your browser, your geographic location, the device your using (Android or iOS? Desktop, Tablet or Phone?), and minor details such as screen size and even your network provider.

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